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KJLT FM Needs a New Antenna!

Please put the word ‘antenna’ in the note area if you are donating via paypal.

You may remember a few years ago I shared the need to purchase a new transmitter for our KJLT 94.9FM station as part of a project that would include three phases. That proved to be a wise decision. At the time of replacement, the old transmitter was having more issues and getting harder to keep on the air at full power. It also had provided over 220,000 hours of service. It now serves as a backup transmitter if needed. I am happy to report the FM transmitter was purchased, paid for and has been in service since March of 2020! Your gifts have made this possible!

I also shared about the need for a new broadcast antenna for the 94.9FM station. While the transmitter is what keeps us “on the air” the antenna is what radiates the signal “over the air.” Our antenna is over one hundred feet long and radiates a very powerful signal of 100,000 watts to your radio. In fact it is the highest amount of power allowed on FM in the states. Antennas and transmission lines of this size are pressurized to prevent arcing that could cause significant damage all the way back into the transmitter. Eventually those antennas can be difficult to keep pressurized. Our antenna is on the top of a tower that is 700 feet tall. Naturally it experiences a lot of wear and tear from the elements. Parts inside the antenna can go bad as has been experienced. The antenna is now over 26 years old and has been rebuilt twice. Phase two of this project is to replace the antenna.

The projected cost of this project is $100,000 dollars. If emergency replacement of the antenna became necessary, the cost would be much more. As with the transmitter replacement, it would be better to be proactive before another major failure of the antenna. An added benefit would be improved design of the new antenna after twenty six years. Would you prayerfully consider a gift for the antenna project?

Many support the KJLT/KJTF ministry with gifts to cover the daily operating expenses. The need for those gifts continues. The expenses are always ongoing and those gifts are very important. Donors are needed to make additional gifts aside from their regular giving for the new antenna. I want to emphasize the need for additional gifts rather than re-designating gifts from our general fund to the equipment fund. Would you help with this project? Your gift is so very important in helping to make this happen! Thank you for any help you provide. You are appreciated!


Gary Hofer
General Manager


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