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You may remember in recent years I shared about a project for KJLT that would involve three different phases. The first phase was to replace our KJLT 94.9 FM broadcast transmitter that had provided 220,000 hours of service and was becoming unreliable. That transmitter is already in its second year of service and has been trouble free. It also opens the door to new technology known as HD radio. The second phase of the project was to replace the nearly 100 foot antenna that radiates our 100,000 watt signal to your radio. It has been rebuilt twice. The antenna has been purchased and donations continue to come in to complete the cost of installation. Planned installation is this year.

The third phase is to transmit an HD signal on KJLT FM as HD1. The HD signal is actually a digital copy of the analog signal that you already receive on your radio. This would be near CD quality with the opportunity to also broadcast our sister station KJTF 89.3 FM as HD2 and perhaps someday KJLT 970 AM as HD3. The picture of the logo is a typical display on a radio that is capable of receiving HD. You may already have one in your vehicle and not know it. Portable HD radios are also available. Simply put, those with an HD Radio would be able to receive a digital copy of the KJLT 94.9 FM signal. Those who enjoy the programming of KJTF 89.3 FM would be able to receive it as the HD2 signal with an increased broadcast range. When listening to KJLT 94.9 FM with an HD radio one would simply select HD1(KJLT FM) or HD2(KJTF FM). Those without HD would still be able to enjoy the programming of both stations as they do today without making any changes at all.

The projected cost for completion of phase two and three is approximately $52,000. This would be to include installation of the new antenna and the necessary equipment to transmit an HD signal on KJLT FM. It would also include what KJTF 89.3 FM has to offer as the HD2. Plans would possibly add KJLT 970AM as part of that signal as HD3 sometime in the future. There would be an additional cost to add the HD3.

Many have supported the KJLT/KJTF ministry with gifts to cover the daily operating expenses. It is important for that to continue. Those gifts are needed and important. Donors are needed to make additional gifts aside from their regular giving for phase three of this project. Thank you for any help you provide. You are appreciated!


Gary Hofer
General Manager


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